Environmental responsibility

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The main fuel used by Mosenergo PJSC is natural gas, the most environmentally friendly type of fuel, due to the fact that its combustion leads to much less harmful substances than other types. The share of gas in the Company's fuel balance is constantly increasing and in 2016 it was 97.71%, coal — 2.27%, fuel oil and diesel — 0.01%. In total, over the past 25 years, the volume of fuel has decreased by almost a quarter.
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During the period since 2007 to 2016 Mosenergo 8 SGU were put into operation based on the newest equipment of the latest generation:
The new power units commissioning made it possible to improve the reliability of power supply to consumers in Moscow;
The new SGU consume natural gas more economically, the specific fuel consumption for energy production is 30% lower compared to conventional steam-power units;
Reduced emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants into the atmosphere.

SGU are installed at CHP-9, CHP-12, CHP-16, CHP-20, CHP-21, CHP-26 and CHP-27 (two units) and account for more than 20% of the Mosenergo installed capacity
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As a result of energy-saving measures, in 2016, the fuel economy from the SGU operation was 555 thousand tons, which corresponds to the greenhouse gas emissions reduction amounted 882,450 thousand tons of CO2 

Total for the period 2007–2016:

Fuel consumption saving

3 050 400 tones

Greenhouse gas emissions reduction

4 850 136 tones

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  • Power generating boilers at the power plants are fitted with an automated environmental monitoring system, which allows the concentration of gas pollutants to be monitored in real time and, if necessary, enables plant performance activities to be modified in order to reduce emissions. As a result of subsequent work carried out on the boilers, boiler emissions did not exceed any permitted pollutant emission standards.
  • The Central Laboratory for Environmental Protection (CLEP) at the Mosenergo Department for Ecology takes measurements at the power plant boilers to determine the flue gas concentrations of nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide and to monitor the temperature of flue gases. The condition of the atmospheric air in residential areas near the TPP are also monitored throughout the year.
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    Mosenergo operates the mobile eco-monitoring based on a Ford car.
    The car is equipped with the necessary equipment for on-site analysis of sewage, emissions into the environment or other polluting sources in the area of Mosenergo TPP responsibility in Moscow and the Moscow Region
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    In 2017, Mosenergo PJSC won the contest «Leader of Climate Development», established by the Department of Nature Management and Environmental Protection of Moscow. The project «Integrated implementation of combined-cycle technologies at CHP Mosenergo PJSC took first place in the nomination „Contribution to the climate development of the region, the project“ Implementation of environmental policy requirements of PJSC Mosenergo PJSC was awarded a diploma in the nomination „Eco-Corporation of the Year of Ecology in Russia“.
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    Mosenergo PJSC in a partnership with Moscow Government is developing a public chain of 150 Electric vehicles (EV) charging stations project in order of the environmental protection and stimulating electric vehicles demand. We estimate that the project will lead to the future growth of EV charging stations infrastructure and will form an EVs market in Moscow. We believe that a shift from gasoline cars to electric vehicles will help to cut greenhouse gas emissions and increase the electricity demand.
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