The Annual Meeting of Shareholders of JSC «Mosenergo» approved dividends for 2018

June 13, 2019 2019 15:34

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of JSC Mosenergo approved the Annual report and Financial statements for 2018. The meeting decided on the allocation of the Company's profit for the financial year, including payment of dividends for 2018.

Of the total amount of JSC Mosenergo book profit for 2018 of 23 billion 770 million 274 thousand 179 rubles, it was decided to keep 15 billion 450 million 772 thousand 461 rubles at the Company's disposal, 8 billion 319 million 501 thousand 718 rubles were assigned to pay dividends. Thus, according to RAS, 35% of JSC Mosenergo net profit for 2018 was assigned to pay dividends.

The meeting approved dividends for 2018 at the amount 0.21004 rubles per share (vs. 0.16595 rubles per share in 2017).

The date of the list settlement of persons, having right to receive dividends for
JSC Mosenergo ordinary shares for 2018, was determined as July 2, 2019 (end of operating day).

These decisions fully comply with the recommendations of the Board of Directors of 
JSC Mosenergo.