Vitaliy Markelov Was Elected as Chairman of PJSC «Mosenergo» Board of Directors

July 22, 2020 13:40

The new Board of Directors, elected by PJSC «Mosenergo» Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on June 24, 2020, carried out the first meeting.

It was decided to elect Vitaliy Markelov, Deputy Head of Management Committee at PJSC Gazprom, as Chairman of PJSC «Mosenergo» Board of Directors.

For reference:

PJSC «Mosenergo» is Russia’s major territorial generating company. Installed electric capacity of PJSC «Mosenergo» amounts to 12.8 thous. MW, heating capacity amounts to 43.8 thous. Gcal. Company power plants supply over 60% of electricity, consumed in Moscow and Moscow Region and cover about 90% of Moscow (not including added territories) demand for heat.

The charter capital of JSC Mosenergo is 39 billion 749 million 359 thousand 700 rubles. The capital is divided into 39 billion 749 million 359 thousand 700 ordinary shares with a nominal value of 1 (one) ruble. The major shareholders are OOO Gazprom energoholding (equity holding — 53.50%) and the city of Moscow represented by Moscow City Property Department (equity holding — 26.45%). The equity holding of other legal entities and individuals is 20.05%.