About 2020 Operational Results of PJSC «Mosenergo»

January 21, 2021 13:37

Mosenergo stated operational results for the 2020.

Power plants of the Company produced in January-December of 2020 54.43 bln kWh of electricity — 9.4% less than in 2019 (60,11 bln kWh). This decrease was the result of electricity consumption fall due to COVID-19 pandemic, warm weather conditions in 1Q 2020 and higher electricity generation of hydro power plants. As a result of these facts and for the fuel usage efficiency improvement, Mosenergo has done an optimization of main equipment load.

Heat output from CHPPs, local and district heat stations of Mosenergo decreased by 1.5% year-on-year, down to 74.25 mn Gcal (75.37 mn Gcal in 2019) due to higher outside temperature in 2020 and later start of heating season 2020–2021 in comparison with previous period.