The Annual Meeting of Shareholders of PJSC “Mosenergo” Elected a New Board of Directors

As a result of voting by the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of PJSC “Mosenergo” has been formed the Board of Directors consisting of 13 persons:

1. Markelov Vitaliy Anatolievich — Deputy Head of Management Committee, PJSC “Gazprom”;

2. Mikhaylova Elena Vladimirovna — Member of the Management Committee, Head of Department, PJSC “Gazprom”;

3. Sukhov Gennadiy Nikolaevich — Member of Management Committee, Head of Department, PJSC “Gazprom”;

4. Ivannikov Alexander Sergeevich — Head of Department, PJSC “Gazprom”;

5. Fyodorov Denis Vladimirovich — Director General, OOO “Gazprom Energoholding”;

6. Khorev Andrey Victorovich — Councilor of Head of Management Committee, GPB Bank (JSC);

7. Shatsky Pavel Olegovich — First Deputy Director General, OOO “Gazprom Energoholding”.

8. Butko Alexander Alexandrovich Managing Director, PJSC “Mosenergo”

9. Soloviev Alexander Andreevich — Head of Moscow Housing and Utilities Department;

10. Tabelskiy Andrey Nikolaevich — Deputy Head of Directorate of Moscow City Property Department;

11. Sobitsky Alexei Andreevich — Counselor of division of Directorate of Moscow City Property Department;

12. Chernikov Alexei Vladimirovich Deputy Director General for Investment Activities, The Moscow City Investment Agency;

13. Komissarov Konstantin Vasilyevich Deputy Director General for Market Investments, АО “IC REGION”.

Joint-stock company “Financial and Accounting Consultants” (OOO “FBK”) was approved to be the auditor of JSC “Mosenergo”.

For reference:

The total installed electric capacity of 15 power plants of PJSC “Mosenergo” amounts to 12.8 thous. MW, heating capacity amounts to 43.8 thous. Gcal.

The charter capital of PJSC “Mosenergo” is 39 billion 749 million 359 thousand 700 rubles. The capital is divided into 39 billion 749 million 359 thousand 700 ordinary shares with a nominal value of 1 (one) ruble. The major shareholders are OOO Gazprom energoholding (equity holding — 53.85%) and the city of Moscow represented by Moscow City Property Department (equity holding — 26.45%). The equity holding of other legal entities and individuals is 19.70%.