Management and control bodies

General shareholders meetingsGeneral shareholders meetings

The General Shareholders’ Meeting of Mosenergo is the supreme governing body of Mosenergo that makes it possible for shareholders to exercise their right to take part in the Company’s management, as well as giving them access to the information about the Company’s activities, achievements and plans. The procedure for the preparation and holding general shareholder meetings complies with the laws of the Russian Federation. This procedure is defined in the Company’s Articles of Association and in the Regulations on Mosenergo’s General Shareholders’ Meeting of the Company, which is believed to follow best corporate governance practices. The established procedure guarantees the equal treatment of all Company shareholders.

The General Shareholders’ Meeting of the Company relating to the results of the Company’s operations in 2015 was held on May 31, 2016. This meeting approved Mosenergo’s Annual Report for 2015 and its financial statements, including the profit and loss statement, as well as distribution of the Company’s profits from 2015.

At this General Shareholders’ Meeting of the Company, it was decided to pay dividends on ordinary shares of the Company for 2015 in the amount of RUB 0.05665 per one ordinary registered share of the Company in cash within the deadlines set by the applicable laws.
The shareholders also elected the new Board of Directors and Board of Internal Auditors of the Company and approved the Company’s Auditor; a resolution was adopted concerning remunerations and compensations to Members of the Board of Directors.

The meeting approved a new version of the Mosenergo’s Articles of Association, approved the revised Regulations on the Mosenergo’s General Shareholder Meeting, Regulations on the Mosenergo’s Board of Directors, Regulations on the Mosenergo’s Board of Internal Auditors, Regulations on the procedure for determining the amount of remunerations and compensations to members of the Mosenergo’s Board of Directors, and passed decisions to approve a number of related-party transactions, which can be conducted by Mosenergo in the future in the course of Mosenergo’s day-to-day operations.

Board of DirectorsBoard of Directors

Kirill Seleznev

Board of Directors Chairman

Andrey Berezin

Deputy Head of the Division Department of Property of Moscow

Alexander Butko

Managing Director PJSC Mosenergo

Gasan Gasangajiev

General Director MOSGAZ

Valery Golubev

Alexandr Ivannikov

Head of the Department PJSC Gazprom

Konstantin Komissarov

Deputy Director General for Market Investments, АО «IC REGION»

Elena Mikhailova

Board Member, Head of the Division PJSC Gazprom

Vladimir Pogrebenko

Independent Director

Andrey Seregin

Head of Directorate of Moscow City Property Department

Denis Fedorov

General Director Gazprom Energoholding LLC

Andrey Khorev

Chairman of the Board of JSC «MonolitCapitalStroy»

Pavel Shatsky

Deputy Head, Gazprom Energoholding LLC


Alexander Butko Managing Director

Elena Andreeva

Deputy Managing Director — Director for Sales

Alexander Afanasyev

HR Director

Elena Egorova

Deputy Managing Director — Director for Efficiency and Control

Anna Efimova

Deputy Managing Director — Director for Legal Issues

Sergey Zakhryamin

Director of Development

Sergey Leniov

Deputy Managing Director — Chief Engineer

Elena Lushpaeva

Director for PR and Government Relations

Elena Novenkova

Chief Accountant

Damir Feizulin
Deputy Managing Director — Director for Corporate Defense

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