Major stakeholders

Stakeholders Mosenergo actions
Shareholders, credit organization We are committed to achieving its financial targets and are responsible in part of economic, social and environmental issues in its business. The permanent interaction mechanism with the shareholders is annual and extraordinary shareholders’ meetings and with lenders — reporting.
Customers We make sure that we are reliable Company and provide the electric and heat energy without crashing. We are in the continuous development for providing more efficient operations. The permanent interaction mechanism is market research.
Personnel We pay attention to the term of employment that are fully compliant with the legitimate rights of employees. Make the labor market survey to insure that we are in line with the market conditions. Mosenergo are in TOP-20 most attractive employers in Russia in 2016. The permanent interaction mechanism is collective bargaining agreement, additional agreements, intranet and other corporate media.
Business partners We cooperate with major Russian and international companies. We comply with agreements, legislation and practices. We manage supplier relationships in a systematic manner. We observe following the safety rules by the contractors on our objects. The permanent interaction mechanism is agreements, participation in industry conferences, providing the information for ratings.
Authorities, еnergy sector organisations We comply with law and regulations, timely provide all compulsory information. We actively participate in a dialogue with the authorities about the energy sector perspectives. The permanent interaction mechanism is providing the financial reports, reports on sustainable development, environmental reports.
Public We are open to communicate with local communities and media. We aim to reduce emission, adopt Environmental Programs. For the community we hold the sport events, events for kids, exhibitions and other important events for the country. The permanent interaction mechanism is presentations, reports, social and cultural projects.