The fight against environmental pollution has, over the past ten years, become the most important problem facing the economic development of many countries, including Russia. Although the lion’s share of harmful emissions are due to use of the automobile (more than 80%), minimisation of the industry’s «contribution» to environmental habitat pollution continues to be an important task.

The companies which belong to the Mosenergo structure, as a group represent the biggest single production organisation in Moscow. The environmental protection programmes of these companies, in many respects, shape the ecological environment of the region and constitute, therefore, one of the priority areas for development at Mosenergo. The generating company, being aware of its responsibilities with respect to how it conducts its business within society, is showing its concern as to the ecological well-being of the capital and the Moscow Region and is actively introducing new, environmentally-clean technology and up-to-date equipment.

Mosenergo’s approach to solving its ecological problems includes the training of personnel, specific work within the individual companies themselves and the introduction of new technology and procedures. As a result, Mosenergo has succeeded in making a break-through in environmental protection. Ten years ago the symbol of the negative impact of the industry on the environment was the plume of black smoke emanating from the company’s power stations. Nowadays, not a single one of Mosenergo’s companies fails to meet any environmental standards and the majority are operating at harmful emission levels significantly less than those deemed allowable. The practice and experience of the generating company is the one real example of effective ecological management in Russia. It’s no accident that Mosenergo’s motto is «Towards light, warmth and friendly environment!»