Press Center

The openness and transparency of major economic entities such as the Mosenergo assists their successful development and enhances their reputation in business circles. This fact has encouraged Mosenergo to base its information policy on the premise that all important aspects relating to the life of the company, its production plans and its prospects for development, should be accessible, to all interested commercial entities in Russia, to mass media, and to the public in general.

The press centre at Mosenergo sees its task as providing the general public with prompt information and news about the life of the company. Press releases relating to some significant event or other are regularly prepared by the employees of this department, and often include comments from management or from specialists of the company. These are available on-line to all our subscribers. News bulletins about the company are also available on the site and visitors to this resource can read all press releases, select a particular theme or use the calendar archive to search out required information. The most significant events in the life of the company are reflected in photo reports placed in the specially-prepared Photo-gallery section.

Interview bulletins are organised along the very same lines, detailing discussions between journalists and the management and specialists of Mosenergo, or with representatives of partner companies, experts and analysts. Media publications can also be found on the site — these being dedicated to Mosenergo activities and issues of interest to the industry sector as a whole.

In order to help journalists, and indeed anyone interested in energy sector issues, an Energy Terminology Dictionary has been created, in which technical and other terminology applicable to the energy sector, related sciences and commercial spheres can be found. Also available on site is a Calendar of Events, a continually-updated resource containing information about all previous and forthcoming events, important from the point of view of the development of the energy sector in Russia and the activities of Mosenergo.