Mosenergo applies effective technologies

During the period since 2007 to 2016 Mosenergo 8 SGU were put into operation based on the newest equipment of the latest generation:

  • The new power units commissioning made it possible to improve the reliability of power supply to consumers in Moscow;
  • The new SGU consume natural gas more economically, the specific fuel consumption for energy production is 30% lower compared to conventional steam-power units;
  • Reduced emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants into the atmosphere.
SGU are installed at CHP-9, CHP-12, CHP-16, CHP-20, CHP-21, CHP-26 and CHP-27 (two units) and account for more than 20% of the Mosenergo installed capacity.

Emissions by Mosenergo for the 12 months of 2017 generally decreased against the level of 2016 by 13.4% (by 6.502 thousand tons) and amounted to 42.122 thousand tons.