Occupational Health and Safety

The key value of Mosenergo is the care of people's lives and health. The strategic goal of Mosenergo is zero level of injuries. To achieve this goal, the labor protection work is held simultaneously in several directions: the federal legislation requirements in the field of labor protection are strictly fulfilled in a row with own initiatives, which are aimed at developing a culture of safe behavior and forming a conscious attitude to the issues among employees security.

Activities in accordance with the federal legislation requirements:

 — provision with special clothing, footwear and other personal protective equipment;
 — conducting mandatory medical examinations and providing special nutrition (milk) to workers employed in jobs with hazardous working conditions;
 — organization of health centers for the pre-hospital care,
 — centralized overalls washing and repair;
 — conducting a special working conditions assessment and a production control of compliance with sanitary norms and regulations, as well as the necessary briefings, trainings and personnel's knowledge testing in the field of labor protection,
 — operating a Committee on Occupational Health and Safety on an ongoing basis.

Realized initiatives in the labor protection field:

 — holding monthly Labor Protection Days and weekly Safety Hours;
 — carrying out internal audits of the labor protection management system functioning
 — Inspection of branches working brigades for compliance with labor protection
 — functioning of risk management unified system in the field of labor protection and fire safety (identification, assessment and elimination of risks that can lead to the personnel injury
 — conduct behavioral safety audits with the Company's personnel and contractors,
 — organizing measures preventing the presence of person with signs of alcoholic intoxication on the territory of the Company (inspection checks using portable alcohol testers, installation of stationary alcohol testing systems at branch offices).