Motivation and social programs

The incentive system used by Mosenergo based on grades and key performance indicators provides conditions for attracting and retaining qualified personnel by offering competitive financial remuneration.
The social welfare of Company represents one of the tools for sustainable development and contributes to strengthening the reputation of Mosenergo as a reliable and responsible employer and partner. Social payments are made under a collective agreement and local regulations applicable at the Company.

In 2017, expenditure related to the social welfare of Company employees amounted to RUR 227,7 million.

Voluntary staff medical insurance (VSMI) is a component of the Company’s social package and part of its corporate culture. Russia’s leading insurance organizations are engaged on a competitive basis to ensure high quality of medical services to workers under the VSMI program. Medical aid under the VSMI provides wide opportunities to choose medical institutions. After completing their probationary period, every employee is entitled to benefit from medical services provided under the Company’s voluntary medical insurance program.

Accident insurance. All Company employees are insured against accident whilst at work. Payments made under the accident insurance contract is intended to provide support and adjustment after an accident.

Non-financial motivation of workers. The Company pays special attention to non-financial motivation of personnel aimed at increasing the personal performance and achieving high production results. An efficient tool of moral stimulation of the Company’s personnel includes awarding the most prominent staff with state, institutional, and industry-specific awards.

Cultural, sports and health events are financed as well.