Social projects

Social volunteering and charity are one of the key activities of the Mosenergo PJSC Young Specialist Council. It takes part in the «Donor Day» campaign every year, regularly visit specialized institutions in Moscow and the Moscow region — in particular, the Vidnovsky Children's Home, the social rehabilitation center for minors «Soglasie» in Klin, the Dubna boarding school for the elderly and the disabled, Tuchkovsky district hospital, Domodedovo complex social service center, rendering all possible assistance to their guests and pupils. All this projects are an important part of the Company’s corporate strategy.
All Mosenergo power stations in Moscow and the Moscow Region annually organize spring liter picks, during which the company's employees are engaged in the cleaning and improvement of the production facilities territory. In total, about 3,000 employees of the Company took part in the cleaning and improvement of the territory in April this year. The main event of the Saturday events at the Mosenergo power plants was the planting of 130 fir trees, timed to the 130th anniversary of the company Company Employees actively participate not only in the Spartakiad «Mosenergo», but also in other sports events. So, in December 2016, the first open boxing tournament among the company's employees took place at TPP-20. In April 2017, the «Energia» stadium hosted competitions in various disciplines between the young specialists of Mosenergo and the students of the Moscow Power Institute. In May 2017, the Mosenergo team took part in a series of hurdle races «Become a man».
On the eve of the Victory Day, young specialists traditionally congratulate veterans of the Great Patriotic War and workers of the rear who worked at the Mosenergo power plants.